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Cancer Patient’s Aid Society with its inception in 2012 is continuously roaring to its mission of Cancer Free World through “Cancer Awareness cum Sponsorship Program” project wherein it organized 150 plus presentation in educational institutions pan India in its 1st year of working. With beginning of year 2017, 1000 plus such presentation is done across India & roughly 10 million children of all age groups blessed with lessons of life & cancer control. These 10 million students educated & aware around 10 million people in & around their place of living beside their family & friends. If one takes a conversion ratio of just 5%, around 5 million people in India have pledged to be totalitarian & among them 10k lives are saved which would have gone waste with Cancer Onslaught. Beside millions of rupees are saved which would otherwise go waste if they would have gripped with Cancer. Not these students saved themselves & their families & neighbors from cancer onslaught, they themselves made laurel in studies & in life, because of lesson of art of better living & coordination with Mother Nature, as the part of our counseling session under “Cancer awareness cum sponsorship Program”. These programs have

Cancer Patient’s Aid Society is proud to achieve this miracle because:

  1. The functioning & funding of this project was never supported by any Govt. (state/central/Local), International body or individuals.
  2. The project got its momentum from our young Indians of institutions across India, who done this yeomen services with thumping sprit & vigor.
  3. Only organization in India who only spoke about subject line & blend it with natural living for 50 minutes in continuation.

Cancer Patient’s Aid Society has extended its helping hand to no. of cancer patients across India. The financial support is extended ranging from Rs.10000/ to Rs.50000/ per patient, as per need & urgency of Patient. These supports were directly deposited in patient a/c in hospitals. The support was extended as per gravity of situation & sheer merit not on any recommendation or any other criteria. With beginning of year 2017 approx. Rs.10 lakhs were released under this project.

Under Project “NUTRITION” around 250+ beneficiaries, children affected with some sort of cancer, were released financial support to keep up their body to withhold the side effect of different type of cancer therapy & medication. These children were belonged to every city, caste, color and religion of India. Rs. 7.5 Lakhs were released under this project.


Cancer Detection Camps

Around 10 Free Cancer Detection Camps were organized across India. 1000 students, teachers & general public were benefitted out of it. Rs.2.5 lakhs were released under this project.


Transit Hotel

Every month some 5-10 families are allowed to stay back at the transit hostel at Palghar (e). These families are provided free rations, gas, utensils & place of stay for few days, so they can save some precious money to revert it back to medical treatment of their ward. The no. of families stayed back at the hostel is around 150. Rs.5lakh has been released for this project.