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Cancer Awareness Cum Sponsorship Program is one such fully thought of idea of line of action of Cancer Patients Aid Society, Mumbai, to curtail & control cancer spreading in pan India across institutions.
Under this umbrella project counseling cum educative presentation is done for the whole of the school at the morning assembly time. The theme & slogan for the presentation is “Cancer, a threat to Human society & Children’s role to Counter this attack & make human society a Cancer Free Human Society”. The level of language is basic bilingual & less use of medical terminology & use the language & words of common understanding. The talk starts with cancer history & passes through definitions, causes, symptoms, precautions & appeal to fight back this dreaded enemy & begin with their homes. Not only cancer is spoken about but counseling towards a beautiful life to live with balancing with blessings of Mother Nature & best use of scientific & technology. They are taught everything is made in this world for consumption, but discipline, precautions, alertness, limits has to be strictly followed. Not to cross your boundaries else you would be trapped in enemy’s net & would be a forgone case, it is said in the counseling.  At the end of the session children are appealed to dare to talk to their parents of use of abusive substances at home so that their parents go with them hand in hand till they achieve their goal in life. They are told not to bow down of their slaps but continue their protest & would yield fruitful result s, as parents really love them & understand the message of life they wanted to pass to them. We feel if 5-10 % conversion are held, time would be very near, when cancer would take its last breath in human dwellings.