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It’s still a mystery about the root cause of cancer formation in human body. There are multiple reasons for cell mutations which lead to cancer formation in human body. Human body is such a gigantic pyramid of mysterious towers made of enormous scintillating & magnificent materials, which is beyond understanding & mind boggling. It’s a very basic fundamental law that anything which is made of its basic ingredients would be long lasting & durable, if it is maintained & serviced with the same materials of which it is made. The same logic is applied here in case of cancer formation in human body. A human body is made of five natural elements i.e. Sun, Sky, Earth, Air &Water, so it requires the ingredients made of such 5 natural elements to service & maintain it. Whenever the body gets the ingredients made of foreign elements not made of out of such 5 natural elements, the complete body’s system gets warning signals. These signals make a complete shake over to body’s control mechanism, which in return makes the formation of mutation in weak & idle cells. These mutated cells starts making colonies in other group of strong & active cells.

Human body’s self driven mechanism immediately starts working & fights & counsel theses unwanted mutations & character changing of cell, but continuous process of cell mutations will make this mechanism penetrated & mutated cells take shape of Cancer cells. Once a normal cell is mutated & converted to cancer cell that cancer cell starts invading other healthy cells in the vicinity & starts converting them into their family of Cancer Cells & whole body goes into Cancer grip. The foreign ingredients are called the Cancer Carcegeneous, which makes our healthy cells into mutation & finally to cancer cells.

The Cancer Carcegeneous:



it’s such a bigger contributor to cancer infliction worldwide. A one puff of cigarette would get 4500 no of dreaded chemicals inside human body, among them are nicotine, tar, benzene, phosphorous, leads & many more. These chemicals are in hailed through food pipe into lungs. Not only lung & cancer of food pipe is formed by smoking but other side effects are constipation, diabetes, cardiac arrest, stomach ulcers, ageing, and problem of pancreas. Not only smokers are inviting hazards to them but an innocent people in their vicinity also get infection through passive inhalation of smoked air passed by smokers & creates air pollution too.


This is another form of foreign deadly intake to human body. India is world no. 1 of oral cancer cases through this substance .Tobacco consumption is being used as a tool of getting sensation & relax to human body. But this way body’s natural system is disrupted. It is said continuous irritation of any part of human body will leads to cell mutation & consequently to cancer formation. In India tobacco is consumed orally which continuously irritate the portion where tobacco is kept & formation of cancer in that specific parts. Not only cancer of mouth but other side effects are constipation, indigestion, less sleep, irritation, infertility to soil& dirtying of roads (spitting to road & earth).


it’s very common way of celebration since inception of human civilization, even it is mentioned in old mythological books of it’s consumption by characters in those epic august books. The consumption of alcohol leads to cancer of lungs, kidney, stomach & vocal cord. Again this way of enjoyment gives our body’s natural system into tizzy & every group of cells behave very irrational & nervous systems completely looses it’s grip on these group of cells. These unscrupulous messing leads to not only cancers of lungs, kidneys, stomach & vocal cards but several sicknesses & junking of minds too.

Life style:

Blessed with technology & sheer luxury, today’s world is into complete frenzied mood of fun, frolic & enjoyment. It’s very old saying that everything if done in limits & within proper time & discipline not only keep human body hale & healthy but it would rejuvenate the body, mind & soul too. Today the human society has completely forgot this very basic of living life. The wealth & money has made the present human society a disturbing, undisciplined & merry go round society. The way of living of today not only giving expected moms babies born with leukemia but young gens gets diabetic, cardiac arrest, mental disorder, irregularity in menstrual system, very low immunity, lack of respect to elders, irritation, frustration, unwanted sexual desire which leads to heinous crime & many more. Today the human society feels that money can buy everything, but that’s completely baseless & wrong. Money can buy happiness, pleasure & satisfaction till certain extent after that it starts reversing in back gears & giving lot of pain, grief, sickness & many more.


Some cancers are genetic in nature, which grows with generations. Breast cancer is one such cancer, which flows genetically. Although it is genetic in nature, but every female of 35+ years should go once in a year for pep smear test & self examination of breast .Young girls as young as 15 years were detected with breast cancer, where family history of breast cancer was found. Even single & virgin females were diagnosed with breast cancer as their milk glands are not into action & use.


Stress, worries anxiety are modern avatars, but our body is not tailor made to adjust with these changes to it’s mechanism. These are foreign ingredients to it & it gives a complete messing to human body’s natural system of working. Brain is the epicenter / c.p.u of human body’s computers & it also has its limitation, so when body gets these foreign ingredients & sends to brain to analyze & channelize to respective cells to perform the action, brain is amused & denies analyzing. Because it cannot revert these orders back to origin it starts sending these foreign ingredients into clumsy, disturbed & unwanted messages to respective group of cells, which creates lot of confusion, irritation & ugly behaviors in group of cells, which leads to mutation of cells resulting in formation of kinds of cancer.


All sort of pollution has made ecological disturbances. As part of ecological system human society is badly affected with it. Specifically it is not directly related to cancer formation but indirectly it’s very very big cause of all cancer formation in human body.


There are many more causes which makes cancer to flourish. Factories emanating hazardous gases in atmosphere, pollution of soil through chemical outburst , in number of chemicals uses in every day’s life, irregular rainfall & destruction of greeneries & jungles & rapidly growing concrete jungles in cities.