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Human Body is a complete self managed super computer. It got such an awesome mechanism; still best of technology in any part of the world could not get a smallest clue of its functioning. Everything has it’s limitations too, that applies to human body also. Although it is impossible to attach any specific symptoms which clue to cancer formation in human body, but some normal symptoms are prone to cancer formation in human body, if they persist in human body beyond a certain period:

  1. Any part of the body is feeling numbness.
  2. After doing a work, how smallest it may be, feeling fatigue.
  3. Young girl, as young as 8-9 years, having the menstrual periods.
  4. Some sort of sign of menstruation in female after attaining menopause.
  5. Low grade fever as low as 100*attacks one frequently.
  6. Change in bowel habits.
  7. Change in vocal cards, change in voice samples.
  8. Any wart/mole is slowly moving up , with or without pain.
  9. Complete loss of vision or blurred vision for some seconds & frequency going fast.

These symptoms are very normal in nature & anybody can pass through these, but if any one of these symptoms or jointly continue in human body in spite of medication, would call for expert test & checks up. It may or may not be a cancerous growth, but if it’s a cancerous that would get a complete cure off, as cancer is fully curable & controllable if detected quite early .